Medevac Case on Polarcus Naila Survey Vessel

By Dr Kyaw Htet Naing 

It was around 20:00 when the medic at Polarcus, an offshore geophysical company operating a fleet of seismic research vessels worldwide, called me with reports of a patient who was in a lot of pain and vomiting.

Following initial examination, the Polarcus Captain was informed and I notified our local International SOS Assistance Centre about the patient's condition. The coordinating doctor supported with additional advice on medication, and the decision was made that the patient would need a medevac to take them on-shore for further medical support. Once the patient's condition was stable, a medevac was confirmed at about 23:30.



The medevac helicopter was arranged from Yangon out to the Polarcus Naila vessel and an escort doctor was arranged to accompany the patient in the helicopter. 

In the dark, with a fast wind speed and high swell, the helicopter landing was difficult, but successful. The patient was successfully boarded and met with the escort doctor. All the required documents were also handed over for a smooth process and swift treatment, both during the medevac at the destination hospital. After just a few minutes, even in the adverse weather conditions, the helicopter took off, with the patient comfortably on board.

The patient underwent a successful operation for a strangulated hernia at one of the International SOS recommended hospitals in Yangon the day after the medevac.

This was truly a team effort with the Site clinic, Assistance Centre, Yangon International SOS team and the escort doctor working together to deliver this essential medevac process. This was an unforgettable memory for me and my first medevac experience at International SOS.


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