Listen to our panel of experts to learn first-hand how leading companies assess and determine the most efficient way to proactively prepare, monitor and care for employees overseas, 24/7. From high volume Managed Journey Support solutions to fully outsourced Global Security Operations Center (GSOC).

Watch Matt Bradley - Regional Security Director, Americas introduce the Managed Services continuum,
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Key learning:


  • Assess your organization’s capability to provide proactive monitoring and 24/7 global incident management 
  • Build vs. Outsource - where to focus based on core competencies and cost-benefit analysis
  • Understand how International SOS’ Managed Services capabilities can augment your current operations
  • Case Study – Why and how did an organization outsource their Global Security Operations Center
  • Six Key Factors for an Optimized Global Security Operation



  • Matthew Bradley - Regional Security Director, Americas
  • David Andrews - Security Specialist



Building an incident response plan to ensure the safety of travelers is an important part of an organization’s commitment to Duty of Care. Managing that crisis response can be a daunting task, with many moving parts that must happen quickly and efficiently to produce the best outcomes. 

From high volume Managed Journey Support solutions to fully outsourced Global Security Operations Center (GSOC)

An organization’s lack of a 24/7 in-house response team, limited resources and effectiveness all come into play when responding to an incident. That is where the Manager Services continuum steps in with a team of professionals, handling everything from incident support, locating affected travelers, response, journey support and proactive travel risk management, to enable you to continue to focus on your business. 

A piece of the Duty of Care puzzle

Manager Services is a piece of the integrated Duty of Care platform, allowing organizations to effectively work through all aspects of an  event. International SOS medical  and security professionals determine who is affected, reach out to them, and develop a plan to get them to safety. 


The benefits include

  • Consolidating the Risk Management functions
  • Providing an efficient, cost-effective alternative to the traditional Global Security Operations Center (GSOC)
  • Fusing of analysis, security functions and response elements
  • Eliminating the need for management oversight, hiring, training, infrastructure and IT
  • Providing more qualified operators with lower overhead and less management burden
  • Hybrid model providing benefits of fully dedicated GSOC at the fraction of the cost

Gain total peace of mind

Comprehensive Crisis Management

In the event of a crisis, we'll coordinate with you, your teams, your travelers and their families to ensure the best resolution possible

Incident Response

When the situation calls for it, we'll respond to any medical or security incident appropriately.

Full Travel Risk Management Support

We'll take on your entire Travel Risk Management needs, giving you a dedicated resource and 24/7 access to our services.

AssessPre-Travel Preparation

We'll prepare your people with pre-travel advisories and online travel risk assessments.

AdviseManaged Journey Support

We’ll manage all aspects of ground transportation to high-risk locations, including the guarantee of payment to third-party providers, and, if necessary, active monitoring.

Track and Communicate

If an incident does happen, we'll track your travelers and communicate with them until we know they're safe.



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