COVID-19 & Global Security Implications




The COVID-19 pandemic that struck the world in 2020 has reshaped it, affecting the way we work, travel and interact with our peers and communities. On top of the complexities that the pandemic has added to managing travel, it has diversely impacted security environments, presenting new challenges for companies’ risk managers and other stakeholders looking after their workforce’s resilience, both while travelling internationally and at their domestic location.

To help you address these challenges, our security experts around the world have put together a whitepaper, providing an overview of the global and regional key trends and their security implications as well as our recommendations to best prepare and respond to them in the short-to-medium term.


  1. Global
  2. Africa
  3. Americas
  4. Asia-Pacific
  5. Europe
  6. Middle East and North Africa
  7. Recommendations for Managers

Download the whitepaper and watch the briefing webinar by the authors of the whitepaper by submitting the download form. 

This whitepaper is based on our regional security insights reports, exclusively available to International SOS premium intelligence subscribers. The full reports contain detailed information and analysis. To learn more about our insight services, please request a call via theenquiry form.