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China | How to Protect Employee Health Against Infectious Diseases?

Join us for this live webinar to ensure the health and safety of employees at the risk of infectious diseases.

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As countries are gradually relaxing their COVID-19 prevention restrictions to restart social and economic activities, which includes overseas assignments and travelling, it should be expected that more and more organisations are planning to resume business contacts domestically as well as abroad.

However, the relaxation of restrictions does not mean that the risk of infectious diseases are reduced. According to the latest "2022 Employee Risk Report" by the Mercer group, human resources and risk management professionals in Asia still list epidemics and other infectious diseases as the second largest risk faced by employees.

According to data collated from International SOS services, in addition to the continual risk of COVID-19, the threat of other global infectious diseases continue to rise. For example, dengue fever continues to spread to more than 100 countries and regions globally, becoming the 'main cause of serious diseases and deaths in some Asian and Latin American areas'. In addition, Monkeypox and Malaria, which should not be ignored, also pose a serious threat to the health and safety of employees as well as the business continuity of organisations.

Join our informative webinar to learn more on how you can look after your employees.