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Email alerts

As part of an International SOS membership, members and your internal travel or security staff can register online to our receive medical and security alerts, emailed automatically.

Medical Alerts
Medical alerts contain information on outbreaks of infectious disease, food and water safety, and compromised public health in regions. A medical alert can be issued for any of the following situations: 

  • if it is a new disease in the region
  • if it is likely to affect travelers or expatriates
  • if an outbreak receives a high-level of media attention
  • if the situation could worsen and significantly affect health

Security Alerts
Security alerts are regional updates on critical news and events, severe weather, and evacuations that may disrupt travel or affect safety. This information is provided by a joint venture between International SOS and Control Risks.

Alerts can be received for the following regions: Americas, Europe and Central Independent States, Asia-Pacific, Africa, and the Middle-East and North Africa. Security alerts are comprise:

  • Daily Digest- all information for a region, emailed twice daily
  • Evacuation Updates -updates on evacuation situations
  • Special Advisories- updates on incidents that require immediate attention
  • World Calendar- a list of future events for the upcoming three months, sent weekly
  • Rating Change- emails received when security risk ratings change
  • Regional Security Forecast- a weekly view of potential flashpoints in a region and events that could impact travel 


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Sample medical alert