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MedAire, an International SOS company, supplies its clients with fully-integrated lifesaving medical support on business jets, airlines and yachts. As the aviation specialist group of International SOS, MedAire offers:

24/7 medical and travel assistance
MedAire's medical experts understand that remote environments where altitude, isolation and maintaining the integrity of the crew play key roles in the way medical advice is given. Its MedLink Global Response Center, a hospital-based telemedicine advisory team staffed by emergency care doctors, provides critical advice to crews and helps them manage in-flight events. MedAire also performs 'fitness-to-fly' travel assessments for passengers.

Crew training
Delivered by seasoned medical professionals, MedAire's medical training for crews is developed using statistics gleaned from its Global Response Centers. Curriculum, based on aviation regulatory standards, includes recognizing and managing illness, using defibrillators and administering CPR, and proper utilization of onboard medical equipment. MedAire's non-medical training solutions help air carriers achieve compliance with the U.S. Department of Transportation's Air Carrier Access Act (ACAA) 14 CFR Part 382 regulation.

Medical kits and equipment refurbishment
For decades, MedAire has been engaged in the research and development of medical equipment solutions for the aviation industry. The company also provides sophisticated refurbishment services, inventory systems, and medical supplies.

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