Incident Management Center

"By integrating formerly siloed critical systems under one common platform, the Incident Management Center streamlines processes, reducing consumption of corporate resources."

Director, Health, Safety and Security


How can Incident Management Center help your company?

Incident Management Center is the single most valuable resource to help you make informed decisions about incidents that can affect your employees, impact your operation, or disrupt your organization. Whether an event occurs down the street or halfway around the world, the Incident Management Center is a turnkey solution that will support and drive the process of day-to-day human risk management within your organization.

The Incident Management Center is a web-based application that captures and collects information through an easy-to-use, highly intuitive user interface. The interface gives you maximum visibility of employees, facilities and the events affecting them 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

You can evaluate the impact of events on your travelers, expatriates and critical contacts and communicate with them immediately. With the Incident Management Center you can plan, track and respond, in real time, as events unfold.

Our global assistance services, including medical and security assistance, international healthcare, consulting and crisis management, in conjunction with the Incident Management Center, ensure the well-being of your employees.


With the Incident Management Center you can automatically gather up-to-the-minute global information, through exclusive International SOS security and medical alerts about the developments that could affect the health and security of your employees and have an impact on your organization.

Then, you can securely add information relative to critical assets and documentation - including employees, expatriates, critical contacts, facilities, response plans, and operating procedures - to one secure location accessible worldwide.


Using state of the art mapping technology, the Incident Management Center enables you to instantaneously and precisely locate events that could impact your company. You can quickly zoom in to those locations and monitor events to determine their impact on your business, and immediately analyze information allowing the continued and safe operation of your organization. All the while you can make sure standard operating procedures are followed and appropriate action is taken.


With the Incident Management Center you can rapidly evaluate the impact of events and communicate status. Whether by email, SMS, text-to-voice, or fax, you can guarantee the delivery of the right information to the right people at the right time. With this state-of-the-art messaging, your key people or an entire organization can be alerted to ensure that they are aware of the impact of events.

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