Duty of Care: Protecting our mobile workforce

Our business focuses on how we can help clients fulfil their Duty of Care responsibilities and manage travel, health and security risks.

The tools, information and advice to protect clients are also used to mitigate risk to our staff.

We have a robust approach to manage threats with well established escalation procedures to ensure serious incidents are dealt with swiftly and at the right level. 

Our international, in-depth assessments of Travel Risk provide a detailed picture of medical and security risks, country by country, together with rankings of risk levels. Before leaving
for any destination, employees can access information on any matters that could affect them. This includes current political or religious issues, high-crime areas, potential disruptions,
recommended modes of transport and any local customs they need to be aware of. From a medical standpoint, they are informed about all vaccinations required, the level of malaria risk and what precautions to take, and other relevant health risks or diseases.

Those going to higher risk destinations receive increased levels of support, both before departure and throughout their time away. Preparation includes verbal briefings and detailed reviews of travel plans, hotel vetting and other advice specific to the destination. During their time away mobile workers benefit from the same assistance we have developed for our clients.