Investing and Operating in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia’s growing, and diversifying economy has created an enticing environment for foreign workers and global organisations. Due to flourishing industries such as industrial and manufacturing, health and safety have become more prevalent in operational compliance in the country. In 2005, the country issued the Labour Law to identify specific health and safety procedures that employers must adhere to, regardless of their specific sector.

To help organisations gain a comprehensive view of the occupational health risks and requirements of operating in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (KSA), our experts developed a new whitepaper entitled, Investing and Operating in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia: Navigating the Occupational and Workplace Health Risks.



Outlining the current Occupational Health and Safety and workplace challenges in KSA, the paper suggests a framework of regulations and requirements, as well as best practices for organisations to better protect their workforce and mitigate occupational health and safety risks.

To download the paper, click here.

KSA OH whitepaper