Webinar (German) | Back to Operations in China: Situation Update

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Webinar (German) | Back to Operations in China: Situation Update
Start Date:
15 June 2021
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15 June 2021
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+49 6102 3588 427
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The Chinese economy has made a good recovery from the COVID-19 pandemic and has made a surprisingly strong start into 2021. German and European export companies are also benefiting from the Chinese upswing.

Back in July 2020, we talked about the return to China in a web meeting. Since then, there have been several changes in travel restrictions and the health situation. Therefore, we would like to revisit the return to operations in China.

What is the current situation in the People's Republic? And how can companies prepare themselves and their employees for the return to China?

What should be considered when entering or traveling within China?
Are there any changes in the security situation?
How has the COVID-19 pandemic affected current health care on the ground?
What is the vaccination situation in China?

At the end of the web meeting, you will have the opportunity to ask questions. You are also welcome to email us your questions in advance at germany@internationalsos.com

If you are unable to attend but would like to receive the recording of the web meeting, please register as well. The recording will be sent to you by e-mail afterwards.

For more information about International SOS, please visit www.internationalsos.de.

We look forward to your feedback and participation in the web meeting!


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