Live Webinar | Building a Mental Health and Wellbeing Programme

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Live Webinar | Building a Mental Health and Wellbeing Programme
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24 June 2021
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24 June 2021
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The COVID-19 global pandemic has led to many organisations focusing more than ever before on the mental health support available to their employees. To protect their workforce and be an employer of choice, leading businesses are promoting a culture of self-care and health protection that includes a greater focus on wellbeing and mental health resilience. Solid evidence is emerging that this has positive impacts on organisational productivity.

International SOS has worked to develop a suite of services that will enable organisations to deliver on these goals. We recognise an increased need for employers to be focused on a new kind of health agenda in our changed world; delivering programs which seek to make employees feel safe, comply with an organisations’ Duty of Care legal responsibilities and promote a culture of sustainability.

Join us as we talk through:

  • Building a mental health strategy for your business
  • Why mental health, wellbeing and resilience programs need to meet the demands of not only today’s workforce challenges but to lay the groundwork for addressing the future of work beyond COVID-19
  • Equipping managers to recognise and support those experiencing mental health issues -breaking the taboo of mental health dialogues and allowing employees to bring their whole selves to work.

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