Webinar | Covid-19: Adapting To The New Norm

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Webinar | Covid-19: Adapting To The New Norm
Start Date:
02 April 2020
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02 April 2020
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+61 2 9372 2377
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While no one knows how long the Coronavirus disease (COVID-19) outbreak will continue to spread, governments around the world are advising that we should expect a timeline of at least six months regarding movement restrictions – both locally and internationally to varying degrees.


With lockdowns and home offices becoming the new norm, the next big question is how can people and organisations adapt? How can we continue to operate behind closed doors, communicate with employees, promote mental health, and be prepared for a second wave when we start to re-open borders?


These are just some of the questions our experts will discuss in our upcoming webinar. Register by clicking on the button below to save your spot.


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