Pre-travel vaccination advice to HR managers during COVID-19


International SOS provided reliable pre-travel vaccination and testing advice to the HR managers of a large technology conglomerate during the COVID-19 pandemic.


Service: Vaccine Planning
Location: Austin, Texas



After researching online, our client was concerned about the sheer amount of conflicting vaccination and testing advice and information. They were uncertain whether it was safe to proceed with their domestic trip and they needed a trusted and reliable source of information.





Our experts were on hand to assist and provided strategic advice and recommendations tailored to their needs, including vaccine and testing options for their specific destination prior to their domestic trip. We also provided educational webinars for our client’s HR managers in a variety of languages, as well as ongoing support with overall policies and protocols as various vaccination rollouts around the world continue to progress.



The impact was very positive as we were able to help our client devise a clear plan which addressed their employees’ needs for vaccination, which helped them make faster decisions as well as boosting the confidence and morale of their workforce.