Health Screening Support to a Large Bank During the COVID-19 Pandemic


International SOS provided health and security assistance to a large bank as we proactively reached out to our client’s regional managers that requested to stay in-country amidst the COVID-19 pandemic.


Service: Health Screening Programme 
Location: Sydney, Australia 



Initially, our client was not sure about the number of employees that wanted to stay in their country in the middle of the pandemic. Initially starting with a few members, that quickly expanded to tens of people requiring assessment of their personal risk and health concerns. Our mission was to see if their staff were healthy, safe, and answer any questions about the COVID-19 situation while providing explanations as to how they can use our medical and security services. 




After discussing the situation with our client, a list of 62 international assignees, primarily living in remote developing locations, was provided to the Assistance Centre medical director. Our medical director was then able to also review their accompanying information in their MedFit records, as part of our health programme that streamlines the screening process, which meant that our team could complete outbound calls to the individuals to discuss their personal risk and health concerns. 



The impact was very positive as we were able to leverage our medical and security expertise to answer questions over the phone and pass on the cases to the security team as appropriate.