Guidance on shorter quarantine periods for rotational workers during COVID-19


International SOS provided guidance on shorter quarantine periods for rotational workers amidst the COVID-19 pandemic.


Service: Health Consulting
Location: Algiers, Algeria



Our client was concerned about the length of quarantine periods for their rotational workers – both the impact to their mental health and the significant increase in costs due to hotel stays. They wanted to know if they could reduce this period in order to ensure faster rotations. They also wanted to monitor and respond to differing quarantine requirements, based on location, tests availability and employee nationality. 





Our consultants reviewed the scientific literature and designed a tool for decreasing COVID risk to the same, or less, than after a standard 14-day quarantine period by combining quarantine and testing using either PCR or antigen tests. We were able to reduce quarantine periods to almost a third of the original duration in some locations. 



The impact was very positive as we enabled our client to deliver faster rotations which increased efficiency, morale and reduced the time and costs in quarantines undertaken in hotels whilst not increasing COVID risk.