Evacuation from Guatemala During COVID-19 OuTBREAK


International SOS provided a land and air evacuation for Jane, an executive for an American wholesaler, from Guatemala City to Boston via Mexico due to travel restrictions as a result of the COVID-19 outbreak in Guatemala. 


Service: Security Evacuation
Location: Guatemala City, Guatemala



Jane was stuck in Guatemala after the government suspended all flights. She needed to return to her home in Boston. Her family were very concerned and worried that Jane would not be able to return home.




Jane called International SOS and requested assistance. Our security team developed a plan with our local provider to take her overland to the Mexico border where she was handed to a security agent on the Mexico side who took her to a local airport. We arranged a commercial flight from the local airport to Mexico City and follow-on flights to Boston. Jane was accompanied by a security agent throughout the trip including on the flight to Mexico City at the client’s request.


Jane returned to her home location to continue her work, but more importantly, she returned safe and sound to her family.