Evacuating a Patient with Head Injury in Kazakhstan During the COVID-19 Pandemic


International SOS provided on-the-ground support for patient with head injury in Kazakhstan during the COVID-19 pandemic.


Service: Clinics
Location: Kazakhstan.



Michael, a 39-year-old international assignee, was admitted to our clinic and was diagnosed with a depressed skull fracture. Due to the COVID-19 lockdown restrictions in Kazakhstan, all domestic and international flights were suspended. This meant that a lot of medical facilities were closed off with very limited number of specialists and equipment to perform medical imaging scans.




We admitted Michael to our clinic for initial stablisation and wound care management. After the brain CT scan was carried out, the diagnosis and treatment plan was put in place two hours after the injury. Our medical team received the full CT scan film and the case was escalated to our Moscow Assistance Centre. We monitored Michael’s condition and secured his admission into a COVID-19-free facility for the next four days. After Michael was successfully evacuated by an air ambulance to Moscow, he was admitted for surgery in one of the largest neurosurgical centres in Russia.



We were able to provide a high-quality of care and demonstrated great expertise supporting the client and patient throughout this complex case. We reassured Michael and allowed our client to perform the best possible duty of care given the circumstance. Michael has left the hospital and was able to return safely to his family.