Emergency Preparedness Planning to an Energy conglomerate during the COVID-19 outbreak in Laos


International SOS provided security consultation to an Energy conglomerate with multiple sites across Southeast Asia as concerns grew due to rumours of large numbers of unreported COVID-19 cases in Laos.


Service: Emergency Preparedness Planning
Location: Laos, Southeast Asia



As concerns of anxiety grew among our client's workforce, our client faced numerous challenges including:

  • identifying and defining the roles and responsibilities of a Crisis Management team;
  • best practices in 'standing fast' if their sites were isolated due to travel restrictions;
  • how to evacuate international assignees to international safe havens.




Our client contacted us and explained the situation. We were on hand to help them identify precautionary actions that they should take such as communication plans, hygiene, screening, access control, and quarantine measures. We assisted the organisation in identifying indicators of deteriorating medical and operating environments such as the spread of COVID-19, the ability of medical facilities to cope, and restrictions on mobility within the country. Stand-fast protocol assistance was provided, as well as location evacuation plans to ensure the safety of their employees.


The outcome was very positive as we were able to help our client make timely and effective decisions, as well as the provision of clear and reliable information. We were able to ensure business continuity and crisis management support in this particular environment, along with ongoing planning and preparation for next steps, including return to work and deescalation.