Crisis Management Support to an Energy Conglomerate during the COVID-19 Outbreak


International SOS provided best practices in responding to and managing COVID-19 as well as crisis management support to an Energy conglomerate.


Service: Best Practices Implementation
Location: Balikpapan, Indonesia



Our client was very concerned about the spread of COVID-19 and needed to ensure that they can react proactively and quickly, while ensuring that their operations were not prematurely impacted.




We were on hand to provide our client with best practices and actions to take, such as:

  • when to implement screening measures, segregate staff and isolate critical functions
  • when to restrict internal and external events, including critical client engagements
  • when to implement appropriate 'stand-fast protocols' for the large domestic workforce
  • when to place restrictions on in-bound travel or relocate their international assignees



We ran a desktop exercise and briefing session with the team which reassured management that they were able to handle a potential crisis, which in turn reassured staff about their employer's due diligence in meeting their duty of care.