Crisis Management Support to a Large Aerospace Conglomerate during the COVID-19 Pandemic


International SOS provided a dedicated international assignee Health Screening Programme for COVID-19 crisis management to a large Aerospace conglomerate as concerns grew amidst the pandemic.


Service: Health Screening Programme
Location: London, United Kingdom



Our client's crisis management team consulted us as they were worried about their international assignees. They wanted to allow those identified in risky locations to self-declare, on a voluntary basis, any pre-existing medical conditions that might worsen the risks of COVID-19 contamination.




After the situation was explained to us, we were on hand to provide a 24/7 dedicated assistance line. Led by coordinating nurses, we were able to collect the declaration through an agreed medical questionnaire and notified the relevant results to the client’s medical team.



The impact was positive as our client was very satisfied with our responsiveness, our speed of activation and our capability to quickly build a non-standard set-up.