Assignee's son receives teleconsultation support on fractured leg while in the Pacific Islands


International SOS provided teleconsultation support to a young child of an assignee in the Pacific Islands which prevented the need for a significant surgical procedure.


Service: TeleConsultation
Location: Pacific Islands



Harry, an international assignee’s youngest son, fractured his leg and had been suffering for almost a month in the Pacific Islands. The local surgeon was unsure on the treatment options, and considered manipulating and re-fracturing the child’s leg.




After consulting with the treatment team, we supported Harry by arranging a second opinion from our telediagnostic specialist provider in Australia. The paediatric orthopaedic surgeon proposed an alternative course of action which was agreed by all parties. Harry had several follow up consultations, x-rays, and ultimately recovered with full mobility.



We were able to help prevent a major surgery which may have caused Harry to potentially lose his leg. Our telediagnostic option allowed Harry to remain in-country as he did not need to travel to Australia for review.