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Risk Ratings  

    MEDIUM MEDICAL RISK for Colombia
    MEDIUM TRAVEL RISK for Colombia
    HIGH TRAVEL RISK for Areas affected by guerrilla activity, including border areas with Venezuela, Ecuador; Cali

COVID-19 Impact

COVID-19 virus imageCOVID-19 Impact Rating (Travel): Medium -

Inbound travel is possible, but with notable inconvenience; restrictions affect a wide range of travellers.

Restrictions in place for a wide range of originating countries / nationalities arriving in country. Mandatory testing and quarantine in designated facilities may apply.

COVID-19 virus imageCOVID-19 Impact Rating (Domestic Operations): Medium -

COVID-related impacts posing routine challenges to business operations.

The medical, logistics and security environments are impacted by the pressures of COVID-19. Pre-existing security risks increasingly likely to be exacerbated by COVID-19-related political and socio-economic concerns and associated pressures in the near/medium term. There may be delay in accessing urgent care due to pressures on the medical system. Core protective  elements of BCP likely to be implemented: non-essential staff  working from home, staff tracing in place, reinforced hygiene and segregation practices with robust escalation and de-escalation triggers as well as mitigation measures.

RestrictionsInboundEntry rules:

A) Inbound travel for foreign nationals (including Canada, Mexico, US and EU/EEA/Schengen nationals):

Entry for foreign nationals from these locations is permitted.

B) Inbound travel for COVID-19 variant areas:

Travellers who have been in India in the past 14 days are not allowed to enter until 30 June. Exceptions to this rule include the following: Colombian nationals, foreign nationals with a permanent residence in Colombia, as well as holders of migrant visas, residency visas and courtesy visa, and their beneficiaries. Further exceptions include diplomats, aircrew and foreign nationals who started their flight to the country before the measure came into effect.

C) Border closures:

Most land and river borders have reopened as of 1 June.
(Ends 30 June 2021)
Testing requirements: There is no longer a testing requirement to enter Colombia.

(Until further notice)
Quarantine requirements: Inbound international passengers no longer have to self-quarantine for 14 days.

(Until further notice)
Passenger locator forms/declarations:

Passengers must complete Migracion Colombia’s Check-Mig immigration form (https://apps.migracioncolombia.gov.co/pre-registro/public/preregistro.jsf) within 24 hours of departure and follow other protocols upon arrival. Travellers who experience symptoms within 14 days of arrival must report it.
(Until further notice)

There are no restrictions specific to transit passengers.
(Until further notice)

Face masks are mandatory for all passengers aged two or older at the airport and during the flight.
(Until further notice)
OutboundThere are no known restrictions on individuals seeking to depart the country.
However, passengers must complete Migracion Colombia’s Check-Mig immigration form within 24 hours before departure. https://apps.migracioncolombia.gov.co/pre-registro/public/preregistro.jsf
(Until further notice)
Internal / DomesticFace masks are mandatory while outside your residence. There are occupancy limits for public transport in place.
(Until further notice)
There is a national sanitation health emergency in place. Local authorities are permitted to impose their own restrictions dependent upon the rate of infection in the area.
(Ends 31 August 2021)
Various movement restrictions and curfew measures are in place depending on the city and department. In some cities, permission to operate vehicles and enter commercial establishments is restricted by ID number and day of the week.
(Until further notice)
Foreigners who violate internal restrictions will be deported.
(Until further notice)
Local governments' websites can be found here: https://co.usembassy.gov/u-s-citizen-services/resources-covid19/
(Until further notice)

19 Jun 2021 (Updated Daily)

Risk Summary


Please see our:

Medical and Security Alerts for Colombia

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Street crime, including violent crime, remains the main threat in several major cities, while in some remote areas the presence of illegal armed groups continues to necessitate the adoption of stringent travel security measures. While the overall security environment has improved substantially over the last decade, business travellers are still at risk from opportunistic street crime in crowded areas such as airports, markets and on public transport.

The country continues to suffer from sporadic low-level bomb attacks by terrorists and criminal groups; in-country workforce should minimise time spent in the vicinity of government buildings, security force personnel and installations, and key infrastructural areas, especially at night. The other significant threat for business travellers is exposure to other terrorist activities such as kidnapping. Foreign nationals have been targeted by groups such as the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia (FARC) and the National Liberation Army (ELN). These groups have been involved in kidnapping, extortion and killing of foreign nationals, and are particularly active in rural areas outside major cities, as they are able to use the terrain and populace to their advantage. While security officials have devoted large amounts of resources to combat this problem, with some success, illegal armed groups will continue to remain a threat for the foreseeable future.

This information is intended as a summary of the security environment; however, the risks can change at short notice during a crisis or evolving situation. Please check our security alerts to ensure you are informed of the most recent developments.


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