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International SOS provides the entire Colgate community with international medical, security and travel assistance. It is the largest medical and security assistance company with thousands of professionals in 24-hour Assistance Centers, international clinics and remote-site medical facilities across five continents. Their services range from telephone advice and referrals to full scale evacuation by private air ambulance. Click here to activate your Emergency Record.

We strongly encourage you to store your personal travel information and any other pertinent information such as flight information, emergency contact names/numbers and your travel itinerary in the secure and new MyTrips tool (formerly Personal Travel Locator). Register as a new user to update profile and trip information here. The user guide includes step by step instructions. With your permission, International SOS can access this information to facilitate emergency responses and provide necessary communication with Colgate and your family in an emergency situation.

Although International SOS will offer the Colgate community travel, medical and security advice and services, as well as on-line access to information which many insurance companies do not offer, International SOS is NOT health insurance. We encourage you to learn more about the Program Benefits and to find answers to Frequently Asked Questions.

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