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Travel Health Alert: Zika Virus

WHO Zika Virus Fact Sheet April 15, 2016 update:

Please read the US Department of State worldwide caution before you travel. Link below.

Worldwide travel: US government worldwide caution:

  • Travel Advice
    The US government alert is not indicative of a specific threat; travel can continue after undertaking itinerary-specific preparation and security precautions appropriate to your destination. You can contact ISOS directly and request country/city specific information prior to your travel. Call the ISOS membership line at 1-215-942-8478.

  • International terrorism continues to pose a low-probability but potentially high-impact threat to business travel in particular regions of the world. Remain vigilant and report any suspicious individuals, behaviour or packages to the authorities.

  • Follow all directives issued by the authorities and carry necessary identification documents according to relevant country-specific requirements to ease passage through checkpoints.

Vanderbilt Travelers can access profile- and itinerary-specific advice on planning, preparation and response for travel security threats through their ISOS Assistance Centre at 1-215-942-8478

The Vanderbilt University Travel Registration Program provides university and medical center students, faculty, staff and housestaff with emergency medical, security and travel assistance while abroad, managed and administered by International SOS (Intl.SOS). International SOS is the world's largest medical and security assistance company. Operating in over 70 countries, International SOS assists Vanderbilt in managing the health and safety risks that could face VU travelers. In order to access the full range of Intl.SOS services VU travelers must be registered with Intl.SOS. Please follow the steps below. 

Before Traveling Abroad:

Step 1) Register for MyTrips

  1. Register with International SOS, My Trips tool by clicking here.

  2. Create a user account by clicking on New user? Register here link.

  3. Please set up your Mytrips username by using the same email address where you normally receive trip confirmation details so you can forward your itinerary to your MyTrips account.

  4. Forward your itinerary confirmation email to mailbox.

  5. Once you created your account, log into MyTrips and fill out your profile details. Provide your personal email address, organization email address and phone numbers and one Emergency Contact with a phone number.

Please note that your VUNet ID and password is not linked to MyTrips or Intl. SOS.

 MyTrips includes information on your specific international travel plans - flights, lodging, dates of travel, etc. Once this is filled out, Intl.SOS will email you a travel advisory with useful information about the countries to which you are traveling. In case of an emergency the information allows Intl.SOS and VU to determine your location so that they can provide assistance. 

Faculty and staff, please note: If you make your airline reservation through Vanderbilt’s preferred travel agency your flight information will automatically be added to the ISOS system, and you will be enrolled to receive the appropriate travel advisories. Create a MyTrips account to enter your emergency contact information.

Step 2) Print the Membership Card in the right navigation bar and carry it with you at all times while traveling. 

Step 3) Download the Assistance App on your smart phone so you can quickly call the nearest Assistance Center before, during or after your trip. Whether you have an emergency or just need advice or information on your travel destination, the Assistance App provides you with quick and convenient access to the benefits of your International SOS membership. You can also access a list of our Assistance Center phone numbers under Emergency Contacts or call the Philadelphia Assistance Center collect at 1-215-942-8226.

Step 4) Optional You are encouraged to register for Emergency Record before your travel to store your  personal health, vaccination and travel information securely online. It also allows you to upload important documents such as your passport, prescriptions, and credit card information. This feature allows you to access this information anytime, anywhere. Emergency Records are only accessible to the member who creates them and, with their consent, the Assistance Center staff at Intl.SOS.


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