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Risk Ratings  

    HIGH MEDICAL RISK for Bhutan
    LOW TRAVEL RISK for Bhutan

COVID-19 Impact

COVID-19 virus imageCOVID-19 Impact Rating (Travel): High -

Inbound travel significantly restricted for most travellers.

Only citizens and those who meet certain criteria for exemption  may enter. Mandatory testing and quarantine in designated facilities may apply.

COVID-19 virus imageCOVID-19 Impact Rating (Domestic Operations): Low -

COVID-related precautions and restrictions causing some inconvenience to business operations. Most businesses are operating.

Both essential and non-essential businesses are operating, though outbreaks may impact medical and/or logistic factors  and cause disruption, often at short notice. Pre-existing security risks likely to be exacerbated by COVID-19-related political and socio-economic concerns in the near/medium term, though these disruptions will not affect the stability of the overall security environment. Elective surgery may not be accessible at times and VERY HIGH and HIGH Medical Risk Rated countries will be under pressure. Basic elements of BCPs – such as reduced or staggered staffing, social distancing, limited face to face interaction – may be active, with clear escalation and de-escalation triggers as well as mitigation measures.

RestrictionsInboundForeign nationals travelling for non-tourism (professional and commercial) purposes are allowed to enter Bhutan. However, they must produce a negative COVID-19 certificate (RT-PCR) at points of entry, carried out by a certified laboratory not earlier than 72 hours (three days) prior to departure. Bhutanese returning home are exempt from this requirement. Migrant workers from India are allowed to travel, provided they obtain either the RT-PCR test or a rapid antigen test negative certificate. All inbound international travellers are required to serve a 21-day quarantine at a designated facility. More information is available here: http://www.moh.gov.bt/a-requirement-for-those-intending-to-enter-bhutan/
(Until further notice)
Previous restrictions on the entry of foreigners have been eased. Foreigners seeking to enter the country must now present valid documentation indicating that they have tested negative for COVID-19; the test must be taken at most 72 hours prior to departure to Bhutan. Non-migrant workers will have to obtain this through a RT-PCR test, while migrant workers may present results from a rapid antigen test. Those entering will be subject to further testing and may be quarantine during the period in which they are waiting for results, or for further periods of time at the discretion of interviewing health officials.
(Until further notice)
All incoming travellers to Bhutan are required to complete the following online health declaration: https://forms.gle/9mrPGRoaPv44AEhW6
(Until further notice)
Internal / DomesticA lockdown has been imposed in Phuentsholing.
(Until further notice)
Lockdown measures will be eased from 6 January. Areas are divided into COVID-19 Red, Yellow and Green zones. For Thimphu and Paro (Red zones), the existing restrictions will prevail. Travel outside the districts will require special clearance and an e-pass. Upon arrival to the destinations, all travellers must home quarantine for seven days and undergo an antigen test upon completion. All shops, offices, schools and institutions within the above designated areas will be closed until further notice. All outbound travel from Thimphu is restricted, with the exception of emergencies and reasons deemed essential by the authorities.
For the yellow zones of Lhamoidzingkha throm in Dagana, Domkhar and Chamkhar in Bumthang, Phenteykha village in Punakha, Pelela in Wangduephodrang, Kela village in Trongsa and, Katso and Uesu gewogs in Haa, movement is limited to card holders only. Emergency cases to travel out of the yellow zone will need clearance from the respective taskforce and undergo a RT-PCR test. Those wishing to travel into yellow zone will be allowed. Non-essential shops must remain closed and no construction works are allowed. Additional relaxations within the yellow zones will be decided by respective taskforce
For all other districts (green zone), intra district movement is allowed. As for the transportation, only utility vehicles are allowed. Use of public and private vehicles may be considered by the local task forces if urgent. Unavoidable inter-district movements will be allowed only upon approval of the respective district task forces.

For more information see: https://www.facebook.com/PMOBhutan/photos/a.410118499100859/3527057034073641/
(Until further notice)

23 Jun 2021 (Updated Daily)

Risk Summary


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Bhutan presents a low risk security environment. However, road safety and driving conditions are poor, and the use of a local driver is recommended when undertaking overland journeys. Isolated and mountainous terrain requires that vehicles are in good condition and adequately equipped for varying road and weather conditions.

Crime levels are extremely low, though banditry is a rising concern along the porous southern border with India. There is also an increased risk of petty crime in the border towns.

This information is intended as a summary of the travel security environment; however, the risks can change at short notice during a crisis or evolving situation. Please check our travel security alerts to ensure you are informed of the most recent developments.


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