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COVID-19 Impact

COVID-19 virus imageCOVID-19 Impact Rating (Travel): Medium -

Inbound travel is possible, but with notable inconvenience; restrictions affect a wide range of travellers.

Restrictions in place for a wide range of originating countries / nationalities arriving in country. Mandatory testing and quarantine in designated facilities may apply.

COVID-19 virus imageCOVID-19 Impact Rating (Domestic Operations): Medium -

COVID-related impacts posing routine challenges to business operations.

The medical, logistics and security environments are impacted by the pressures of COVID-19. Pre-existing security risks increasingly likely to be exacerbated by COVID-19-related political and socio-economic concerns and associated pressures in the near/medium term. There may be delay in accessing urgent care due to pressures on the medical system. Core protective  elements of BCP likely to be implemented: non-essential staff  working from home, staff tracing in place, reinforced hygiene and segregation practices with robust escalation and de-escalation triggers as well as mitigation measures.

RestrictionsInboundThe international airport is open for commercial flights. Land borders and seaports are now open to foreign travellers for recreation and vacation purposes only. Passengers travelling to Belize are required to download the Belize Health App and complete the required information prior to boarding the flight. Accommodation must be booked at an approved "Gold Standard Accomodation" for travellers traveling for "vacation only". Please see visitor procedures here: https://belizing.com/coronavirus/. Register your travel information on the Belize Health app within 72 hours of your departure to country. You will be provided with a unique QR code ID which you will need on arrival. A QR code with a unique ID number will be will be used for contact tracing while in Belize.
(Until further notice)
All travellers aged five years and older must take a COVID-19 PCR test within 96 hours of travel. A rapid antigen test taken within 48 hours of arrival is also accepted. Use of the Belize Travel App is no longer required. Travellers will have to pay for COVID-19 PCR test upon arrival if they did not submit prior to travelling and will be quarantined in a designated hotel until results are available, at the traveller's expense. The test is 50 USD and must be paid in cash.

Upon arrival, all travellers will have their temperature checked and may be randomly selected to be tested.
(Until further notice)
Returning Belizean nationals may enter Belize via land borders, but they need approval from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Coordinate entry by contacting the nearest Belize Consulate or Embassy.
(Until further notice)
Travellers who provide proof of full immunisation are not required to submit a negative COVID-19 test result upon entry. It is recommended to bring your vaccine card or other official documentation from a medical facility.
(Until further notice)
The land border with Mexico is closed to non-essential travel
(Ends 21 June 2021)
OutboundThere are currently no restrictions on outbound travel by air.
(Until further notice)
COVID-19 testing for departing travellers who may require one for entry into another country can be booked online at https://belizing.com/COVID-19-Test-for-Travel-Departure/
(Until further notice)
The land border with Mexico is closed to non-essential travel
(Until further notice)
Internal / DomesticTravel accommodation, transportation providers and activities must be booked with an approved 'Tourism Gold Standard' hotel, transport provider or tour operator. Approved businesses have to receive the 'Gold Standard' certificate in order to operate. The list is updated daily and can be checked here: https://www.travelbelize.org/health-safety
(Until further notice)
There is a curfew from 22.00 to 05.00 from Sunday to Wednesday and 00.01 to 05.00 from Thursday to Saturday. Masks are mandatory for all public spaces, inside and outside for all people over the age of five.
(Until further notice)
Those who do not comply with mask orders, quarantine orders or gathering limits are subject to fines.
(Until further notice)

19 Jun 2021 (Updated Daily)

Risk Summary


Please see our:

Medical and Security Alerts for Belize

COVID-19 information for Belize

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The rate of violent crime in Belize is high relative to its small population, and the country consistently records one of the highest rates of homicide in the world. While most murders are drug-related and affect locals, foreigners have been killed in the course of violent robberies and home invasions. In recent years, violent crime has increasingly expanded from the capital Belmopan and Belize City (Belize district) to rural communities, at times affecting foreign visitors.

Although the majority of reported muggings occur in Belize City, such crimes are not uncommon in tourist areas. Violent crimes such as homicide, armed robbery, home invasion and sexual assault have affected travellers in both urban and rural areas. Pick-pocketing, burglary and theft from hotel rooms is common. Petty crime is prevalent in tourist areas and on public transportation. Criminals often work in groups and may target people travelling alone. Foreigners are often targeted due to their appearance of wealth. Female and lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender travellers are more vulnerable to harassment and assault.

Travellers should follow security precautions at all times, especially in Belize City and Belmopan, where the threat of violent crime is elevated. Visitors should avoid unnecessary travel to southern neighborhoods of Belize City due to gang activity, which poses an incidental risk to bystanders. There is an elevated risk of robbery in border areas. Military escorts or security support may be necessary in areas near the Belize-Guatemala border.

The police lack the resources needed to effectively deter and investigate crime. Nearly all homicides in recent years remain unsolved, including those of foreign visitors. The permissive environment is a factor in the growth of transnational criminal organisations, including Mara Salvatrucha (MS13), Barrio 18, Los Zetas and the Jalisco New Generation Cartel, in Belize.

Belize is vulnerable to both hurricanes and tropical storms. The country is a popular destination for adventure travel, but the safety standards of many tour operators are poor and rental equipment can be defective.

This information is intended as a summary of the travel security environment; however, the risks can change at short notice during a crisis or evolving situation. Please check our travel security alerts to ensure you are informed of the most recent developments.


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