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In an ongoing commitment to the safety of our students, faculty and staff worldwide, WPI partners with International SOS, to provide students, faculty, and staff traveling on WPI-affiliated international trips with 24 hour worldwide travel assistance services. These assistance services are supported by an international travel medical insurance policy. 

If you experience a medical emergency or security crisis, need a doctor or hospital referral, lose your medication, or want to consult experts for pre-travel medical and security advice, WPI has a fully integrated program in place to unsure you receive the care and expertise you need, whenever and wherever you need it. Take advantage of this resource by contacting International SOS and ask to speak with a medical and security professional who will assist you in your planning for your upcoming trip.

*Travel Registration*

In order to confirm coverage, your trip must be registered with the WPI MyTrips International Travel Registry. This will ensure that International SOS and WPI can verify that you are a WPI traveler and entitled to this benefit. 

You are not pre-authorized to use the WPI International SOS services while abroad, until you register your travel.

If you have questions about International SOS membership or International Travel Registry, please contact internationaltravel@wpi.edu

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Take Ownership Of Your Personal Safety While You Travel

Prepare yourself for your upcoming trip by browsing the various medical and security online tools and resources located on the left-hand side. It is your responsibility to a well-informed traveler and understand the various health, safety and security risks associated with your destination.

Download the International SOS Assistance App to your smart phone to find emergency assistance if necessary and receive important notices and alerts about your destination while you travel. Use the app to live chat and use WIFI to speak with a medical or security professional.

Emotional Support: Travel abroad can bring unforeseen stress, which is why WPI has collaborated with International SOS to ensure WPI travelers, have access to resources to help support their emotional well-being. WPI members may avail of up to five (5) counseling sessions tailored to their needs: phone, video-call or face-to-face.

Training Hub: Use the Training Hub (righthand side) to view a wide array of health, safety and security videos aimed at improving your on the ground situational awareness, and ensure you are best placed to avoid negative experiences and unwanted incidents while traveling. The first time you login, you'll need to create an account with your WPI email address.

Reimbursement Forms for International Medical Bills;

Chubb Student Claim Form

Chubb Employee Claim Form

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