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Risk Ratings  

    HIGH MEDICAL RISK for Dominica
    LOW TRAVEL RISK for Dominica

COVID-19 Impact

COVID-19 virus imageCOVID-19 Impact Rating (Travel): Low -

Inbound travel is broadly possible with some inconvenience; restrictions affect a limited range of travellers.

Restrictions in place for a limited range of originating countries / nationalities arriving in country.  Mandatory testing and quarantine in designated facilities may apply.

COVID-19 virus imageCOVID-19 Impact Rating (Domestic Operations): Very Low -

Health and security constraints to business operations are broadly similar to pre-COVID-19.

The medical systems are at similar operating levels to pre-COVID-19, and the authorities are able to respond to medical and security threats as before. BCP should include response for potential COVID-19 disruption as standard within existing operational planning and clear escalatory indicators.

RestrictionsInboundInternational travellers are allowed to enter Dominica. Face masks are required during the arrival process at the airport. Children under five are exempt from testing protocols unless otherwise directed by the Medical professionals upon arrival.
(Until further notice)
Pre- travel protocols:
- Passengers need to submit a health questionnaire online at least 24 hours prior to arrival at http://domcovid19.dominica.gov.dm/ and present a notification of health clearance to travel to airlines prior to boarding, and upon disembarkation in Dominica.
- All travellers are required to upload a negative COVID-19 PCR test at least 24-72 hours prior to arrival in Dominica, and present the negative results prior to boarding and upon disembarkation.
- All travellers will be required to undertake a Rapid Diagnostic Test upon arrival. If the results are negative, they will proceed to Customs and Immigration.
- If a traveller exhibits high temperature, are a high risk alert from the questionnaire or have a positive rapid test, they will proceed to second screening area, undergo a PCR test and be transported to mandatory quarantine at a government facility at the traveller's expense to await results. If the results are positive, they may quarantine until released by an authorised health professional.

After being cleared to pass through Customs and Immigration following negative results from the rapid test, travellers must adhere to disembarkation and testing protocols depending on where the traveller is coming from, or where they have been for the previous 21 days. Transit countries fall under the same classification. Protocols are determined by travellers coming from Low risk, Medium risk, or High risk countries. A country's risk status can be found here: https://discoverdominica.com/travel-advisory-for-dominica

Fully vaccinated travellers:
Travellers will be transported to a government-operated facility to quarantine for a minimum of two days. After day two, the traveller will be tested. If the test is negative, the quarantine may end when deemed acceptable by medical professionals. If the test if positive, the traveller will be transported to a COVID Isolation Unit until released by health professionals. Hospital fees will apply.

Unvaccinated travellers:
Low risk: Travellers will be monitored for seven days at their place of residence and submit to scheduled and unscheduled checks by medical professionals.
Medium risk: Travellers will be monitored for 14 days at their place of residence and submit to scheduled and unscheduled checks by medical professionals. In order to avoid the 14 day quarantine, travellers can opt for a PCR test on day five. If the result is negative, there will be no further monitoring.
High risk: After obtaining a negative result from the rapid test upon arrival, travellers will be transported to a mandatory quarantine at a government-operated quarantine facility, or to a managed experience at a Safe in Nature certified property. If the rapid test is positive, travellers will be taken to a secondary screening area where they will undergo a PCR test and await results in a government-approved facility as the traveller's expense. A PCR test will be administered to the traveller on day five after arrival. If the result is positive, the travellers will be admitted to a COVID isolation unit release is authorised by a health professional. Hospital fees will apply. If the result is negative, traveller will be cleared to proceed to travel.
(Until further notice)
Travellers will be responsible for all test and quarantine related costs and must be paid to the quarantine facility upon arrival.
(Until further notice)
OutboundOnly travellers and drivers will be allowed to enter airports and seaports.
(Until further notice)
Face masks and social distancing are required during the departure process at the airport.

If travellers leaving the country are required to obtain a PCR test as a requirement to entry for the country they are travelling to, the following procedure applies:
- Call 611-3905 to make an appointment
- Obtain a requisition from the District Medical Officer
- Pay for the test at the accounts department at Dominica China Friendship Hospital
- Present the receipt of payment at the secretary at office of Primary Health Care Services
- Have the test done at Roseau Health Centre and anticipate at least 48 hours before results are available.
(Until further notice)
Internal / DomesticMasks must be worn in public spaces. Social distancing of three feet (one metre) must be maintained at all times.
(Until further notice)

23 Jun 2021 (Updated Daily)

Risk Summary


Please see our:

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Petty crime poses the primary risk to foreign travellers. Pickpocketing and purse-snatching are the most common forms of crime; unattended valuables on the beach are vulnerable to theft. While violent crime against foreigners is not unheard of on the island, petty theft continues to pose the main security risk to business visitors.

This information is intended as a summary of the travel security environment; however, the risks can change at short notice during a crisis or evolving situation. Please check our travel security alerts to ensure you are informed of the most recent developments.


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