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Welcome to the Syracuse University Global Assistance Program

Providing all Syracuse University faculty, staff and students that travel internationally with medical, travel and security assistance, managed and administered by International SOS. Syracuse University has contracted with International SOS to help provide for the safety and well-being of students, faculty and staff traveling outside the United States on or for University business or sanctioned academic work or research.

International SOS is the world's largest medical and security assistance company, with more than 6,500 professionals in 24-hour Assistance Centers, international clinics and remote-site medical facilities across five continents. International SOS is the leader in their field, ready to help you with all of your medical and security needs.

International SOS and Syracuse University recommend you make use of the MyTrips software to register your travel. In case of emergency or safety and security concern, the University and International SOS can access your travel plans and work quickly to provide you necessary assistance. Please click here to register your trip(s) using MyTrips. First time using the MyTrips? Click here for a User Guide.

(Please Note: MyTrips is an upgraded version of PTL and you will be required to register as a New User upon your initial log in of this tool.)

All faculty and staff should read the memorandum dated September 10, 2014 from the Vice Chancellor and Provost and the Executive Vice President and Chief Financial Officer. See the pdf in the right hand column of this site.

Whenever you travel away from your country of residence, make sure you have your International SOS card handy. Also, make sure you review important medical and safety information about the country to which you are traveling. We encourage you to learn more about the Program Benefits and to find answers to Frequently Asked Questions.

Also, you can now store and access your vital personal health, vaccination and travel information online, anytime, anywhere. It will be available to you and, with your consent, SOS medical staff, better assisting you in the event of an emergency. The system also recommends appropriate vaccinations and sends you reminders when follow-up boosters are required.
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