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Welcome to Columbia University Global Assistance Program

Rest assured that when you travel internationally on University business, Columbia University has a 24/7 resource on call, online and even on the ground to help with urgent medical issues, security and logistical questions, concerns and situations that may arise. If you need a medical referral, seek pre-travel advice, lose your prescription medication or experience a medical or security crisis, Columbia University has a program in place so you receive the care and expertise that you need, whenever and wherever you need it.

Columbia University partners with International SOS, the leading medical assistance, international healthcare and security assistance company.

Take advantage of this powerful resource by utilizing the International SOS website's various medical and security tools for pre-travel planning and country-specific information. For referrals to medical, dental or legal service providers around the globe or in the case of an emergency overseas, call an International SOS Assistance center, which has physicians, multilingual coordinators, operations managers, logistics support personnel, and medical and security professionals on hand to speak with you.

If you are traveling on Columbia University business, please log your itinerary (including flights, accommodation and/or destination and transportation) into International SOS's new MyTrips, a web-based travel registry that will facilitate your support in the case of an emergency.

Through the Emergency Record system, you can safely and privately upload any relevant medical records to the International SOS Assistance Center. During a medical emergency, International SOS medical staff will use information you provided to help you obtain appropriate medical care. Columbia University and International SOS take your privacy concerns seriously. Any information you upload will ONLY be accessed if you request or require emergency support. Emergency Record information is used only by International SOS medical staff and is not shared with Columbia University. Like the PTL, this site only works with Microsoft Internet Explorer 6 or 7 (or I.E. 8 in compatibility mode). Other web browsers should not be used to enter information into the Emergency Record. 

NOTE: It is important to understand that although International SOS offers you travel, medical, and security advice and services, this is a travel assistance program only. INTERNATIONAL SOS IS NOT HEALTH INSURANCEYou must maintain your own health insurance plan with adequate coverage for medical expenses that may arise while you are overseas. All medical emergencies and medical expenses incurred internationally should be reported to your health insurance plan promptly with follow-up claim submissions as appropriate. Prepare yourself by reviewing reporting requirements and reimbursement provisions of your health insurance plan before you travel.

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