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Risk Ratings  

    LOW MEDICAL RISK for Finland
    LOW TRAVEL RISK for Helsinki, towns on Russian border

COVID-19 Impact

COVID-19 virus imageCOVID-19 Impact Rating (Travel): Medium -

Inbound travel is possible, but with notable inconvenience; restrictions affect a wide range of travellers.

Restrictions in place for a wide range of originating countries / nationalities arriving in country. Mandatory testing and quarantine in designated facilities may apply.

COVID-19 virus imageCOVID-19 Impact Rating (Domestic Operations): Very Low -

Health and security constraints to business operations are broadly similar to pre-COVID-19.

The medical systems are at similar operating levels to pre-COVID-19, and the authorities are able to respond to medical and security threats as before. BCP should include response for potential COVID-19 disruption as standard within existing operational planning and clear escalatory indicators.

• Are there any border restrictions? No
• Are there any entry restrictions? Yes
• Are there any testing requirements? Yes
• Are there any quarantine requirements? Yes
• Are there any vaccination requirements? No
• Are there any separate transit restrictions? No
• Is COVID-19-related documentation required? Yes
• Are there separate restrictions for overseas territories? No
• Are there any other restrictions? No
(Until further notice)
Entry restrictions
A) Inbound travel for EU/EEA/Schengen nationals
These travellers fall under Finland’s ‘Category 1’. This means that the following are allowed to enter Finland:
• Finnish nationals and their family members
• EU and Schengen nationals residing in Finland and their family members
• Third-country nationals residing in Finland with a residence permit
• UK citizens and their family members residing in Finland to whom the Withdrawal Agreement applies

B) Inbound travel for third-country nationals
These travellers fall under Finland’s ‘Category 2’. The same travellers as in Category 1 are allowed to enter Finland in addition to some exemptions.

The following travellers (from both inside the Schengen and EU area as well as third countries) are exempt from entry restrictions:
• Travellers from Australia, Iceland, Israel, New Zealand, Rwanda, Singapore, South Korea and the Vatican (no testing or quarantine needed)
• Those travelling for work that is significant for the functioning of society or supply security, the implementation of which requires the work performance of a person or persons coming from another country and whose work cannot be delayed
• Health care and rescue service personnel
• Transport and logistics personnel on assignment
• Diplomats, staff of international organisations, military personnel and humanitarian aid workers in the exercise of their duties
• State representatives participating in international negotiations and persons engaged in work for international NGOs
• Persons studying in Finland
• Persons with a Finnish residence permit and EU/Schengen citizens who have registered their right of residence
• Persons travelling for family matters
• Persons in need of international protection or who are travelling for other humanitarian reasons
• Other necessary and justified reason (e.g. necessary or otherwise justified personal reasons, representatives of foreign media, scheduled air services at airports, property, residence or secondary residence in Finland, property arrangements in Finland)
• Essential travel is possible from China and for Hong Kong and Macao (both China SAR)
All the categories are explained in this link: https://raja.fi/en/guidelines-for-border-traffic-during-pandemic
(Ends 27 June 2021)
Testing requirements

Testing is recommended in two ways depending on nationality:
- Finnish citizens and residents are recommended to get tested no earlier than 72 hours after arrival in Finland.
- Non-Finnish citizens or residents are recommended to get tested no earlier than 72 hours before arrival, and then again after 72 hours after arrival.

All non-nationals or residents arrivals into Finland must be tested, with a few exemptions. The test must be a PCR, antigen or LAMP test no older than 72 hours when entering Finland.

Exemptions from testing: Cross-border workers from Norway and Sweden will only need a COVID-19 test which is not older than seven days. You do not need to take a test if you can demonstrate that you have had COVID-19 in the past six months. Finnish citizens and children born in and after 2008 are also exempted. Travellers who have been in a green country (where the incidence of coronavirus disease has been no more than 25 cases per 100,000 inhabitants within the preceding 14 days) during two weeks before they entered Finland are exempted from testing requirement. A map is available at: https://thl.fi/en/web/infectious-diseases-and-vaccinations/what-s-new/coronavirus-covid-19-latest-updates/travel-and-the-coronavirus-pandemic
(Ends 27 June 2021)
Quarantine requirements
All travellers are recommended to undergo a voluntary 14-day quarantine upon arrival. For those who are recommended to get tested 72 hours after arrival, if they do not get a second test, they must remain in self-quarantine for 14 days after arrival. If travellers do not remain in self-quarantine for 14 days, the infectious disease doctor assigns them to a 14-day official quarantine, which is mandatory.
(Ends 27 June 2021)
Business trips
Business trips overland will be allowed for any reason without any proof needed. The employer of the traveller flying to Finland must complete the following form to justify the employee's entry to Finland: https://valtioneuvosto.fi/documents/1410877/21605805/V%C3%A4ltt%C3%A4m%C3%A4t%C3%B6n+maahantulo_ty%C3%B6nantajalomake_FI_EN.pdf/65aea84c-a02e-7d85-b4cc-d27e59d7f317/V%C3%A4ltt%C3%A4m%C3%A4t%C3%B6n+maahantulo_ty%C3%B6nantajalomake_FI_EN.pdf/V%C3%A4ltt%C3%A4m%C3%A4t%C3%B6n+maahantulo_ty%C3%B6nantajalomake_FI_EN.pdf/V%C3%A4ltt%C3%A4m%C3%A4t%C3%B6n+maahantulo_ty%C3%B6nantajalomake_FI_EN.pdf?t=1589879270000
(Ends 27 June 2021)
• Are there any border restrictions? No
• Are there any exit restrictions? No
• Are there any testing requirements? No
• Are there any vaccine requirements? No
• Is COVID-19-related documentation required? No
• Are there separate restrictions for overseas territories? No
• Are there any other restrictions? No
(Until further notice)
Citizens and residents of Finland are allowed to leave the country. Authorities continue to recommend to avoid unnecessary travel to other countries.
(Until further notice)
Internal / DomesticSummary
• Is a state of emergency in place? No
• Are curfews/lockdowns in place? No
• Can businesses operate? Yes
• Are there restrictions on internal travel? No
• Are there any testing requirements? No
• Are there any vaccination requirements? No
• Are there any other restrictions in place? Yes
(Until further notice)
The state of emergency has been lifted.

Restaurants can open with capacity restrictions and strict sanitary rules in place.

Public events of 50 people indoors and outdoors are allowed. Larger events may be organised outdoors based on decisions by local or regional authorities, with due attention to the size of the event location and health security.

Gatherings of no more than ten people are permitted.

Further information can be found at: https://valtioneuvosto.fi/en/information-on-coronavirus/lifting-of-restrictions
(Ends 30 June 2021)
Additional restrictions are decided at a regional level. Detail of which restrictions apply in which region are available here: https://valtioneuvosto.fi/en/information-on-coronavirus/current-restrictions/hospital-districts
(Until further notice)
Planned changes and internal conditionsSummary - Changes to the following measures:
• Border restrictions? No
• Entry restrictions? No
• Testing requirements? No
• Quarantine requirements? No
• Vaccination requirements? No
• Transit restrictions? No
• COVID-19-related documentation required? No
• Restrictions for overseas territories? No
• Internal restrictions? No
• Outbound restrictions? No
• Other restrictions? No
(Until further notice)

23 Jun 2021 (Updated Daily)

Risk Summary


Please see our:

Medical and Security Alerts for Finland

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There are few major security risks in Finland. The risk from terrorism is limited, crime levels are low and large-scale protests are relatively rare. Some roads are closed during the winter months (November-March), particularly in areas further north, though most major routes remain passable.

This information is intended as a summary of the security environment; however, the risks can change at short notice during a crisis or evolving situation. Please check our security alerts to ensure you are informed of the most recent developments.


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