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International SOS provides Emory's students, faculty, and staff traveling internationally on Emory business or sponsored programs with international medical, security and travel assistance, managed and administered by International SOS. International SOS is the world's largest medical and security assistance company, with more than 6,000 professionals in 24-hour Assistance Centers, international clinics and remote-site medical facilities across five continents. International SOS is the leader in its field, ready to help you with all of your medical and security needs.

Please note that this is an assistance program, NOT healthcare or health insurance. You should determine how your health insurance applies to international care prior to departure. In most instances, medical expenses incurred abroad will have to be paid out of pocket and reimbursement sought later from your insurance carrier.

Make sure you review important medical and safety information about the country to which you are traveling. We encourage you to learn more about the Membership Benefits and to find answers to Frequently Asked Questions by clicking on the tabs above.

Emory University travelers booking outside the corporate travel department are required to log their air, hotel, and car bookings into MyTrips, an easy-to-use web-based link for their safety. Please click here for an userguide. 

Through International SOS, you can store your travel plans as well as vital personal health and vaccination information securely online. That way you can access it anytime, anywhere. Your personal health information and personal documentation will only be available to you and, with your consent; your personal health information will be made available to International SOS medical staff to better assist you in the event of an emergency. The system also recommends appropriate vaccinations and sends you reminders when follow-up boosters are required. Click here to activate your Emergency Record. 
*Please use Internet Explorer 6.0 or greater to complete and view your Emergency Record. During business hours, password issues can be resolved with onlinehelp@internationalsos.com. After hours, please contact the Philadelphia Assistance Center at 1-215-942-8226 orphlopsmed@internationalsos.com

Travel to Cuba requires special arrangements. Travel to this country should be requested through the Office of Quality and Risk.  You can reach the Office of Quality and Risk by calling 404.778.7932 or 404.778.7937

There are several coverage exclusions and/or restrictions that may apply. Please click here to see a list of the major exclusions and/or restrictions. With the approval of Emory, International SOS, at its sole discretion, may assist Members on a fee-for-service basis for interventions falling within these exceptions. Any costs incurred by Emory may be collected from the individual, the school or the department. Questions pertaining to these exclusions and/or restrictions should be discussed with the Office of Quality and Risk.

Whenever you travel away from your country of residence, make sure you have your International SOS card with you at all times Log into the web site, review the information on International SOS and download the membership card. Please be aware that some of International SOS's services such as interpreters and emergency personal cash advances carry additional charges. If you request a service that has an additional charge, International SOS will inform you in advance and will require a credit card number in order to activate the service.

Inquire about/sign up for 20% discount on International SOS services and assistance while traveling for leisure/on vacation.

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